by War Prayer

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released December 30, 2016



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Delayed Gratification Records Pataskala, Ohio

Record label based out of Pataskala, Ohio focusing on short runs through various mediums.

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Track Name: Void
Cold to the world around me
Nothing but the pain that I see
I can't watch you rot
Or turn away without second thought
Lead astray
Void of purpose
Pushed away to feel worthless
Is it a crime to say you've earned this
when it mattered
I wish you'd heard this
I watched progress start to slow
As your true colors showed

I stand the same
Not afraid to take the blame
I stand the same
Not afraid to take their blame
Track Name: Misguided
Bite the bullet every time
Blamed for a past that isn't mine
Misguided by you lacking trust
Turned away by the unjust
Confusing love with greed
Worshiping yourself
The perpetuating cycle
that feeds your hell

I was told to believe
every word you said
Too young to understand
the lies you spread
How you can speak the words of a voice you haven't heard
Bitter only to your selfish motives

Changing words
that don't fit your system
Condemning others
With your false ideals

I believed every word you said
Too young to understand the lies you spread
Track Name: Disgust
As the foundation
of your faith crumples
and the walls cave in
It's clear to see
Its Exposing every flaw
on your weak frame
It'll take so much more
Than half hearted worship
To fix
Every flaw
Every mistake
All this disgust
But those twisted words
hold no weight
Your flawed thinking
pushing you farther away

I've watched everyone around me lose faith
Without a second thought
Disgusted with themselves
Caught in this hell
Track Name: Grim
Barking orders because you deviate
Accepting only who's
within your comfort
Gaining trust
Until you turn your back
Any remorse
is what your actions lack

Still held in such high regard
For the hypocrite you are
Sick of watching you be praised
While I'm a joke because it's Christ I claim.

Changing ideals when your under fire
Forgetting everything's just not that simple.
Grabbing attention is your only desire
Standing true to nothing but greed

And while you sit at peace
you're still the first to say
"Practice what you preach"

In a scene that is full of hatred
You're still so quick to throw out the word acceptance
No ones here to claim authority
You're shaming the wrong majority