Say What You Mean

by Headrush

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released October 8, 2015



all rights reserved


Delayed Gratification Records Pataskala, Ohio

Record label based out of Pataskala, Ohio focusing on short runs through various mediums.

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Track Name: Say What You Mean
Stuck in between all these trend hopping fucks
When I found this shit, that's not what this was
It wasn't a girl, or complicated statement
It was about screaming in my fucking basement

Now we got kids spending massive amounts
On t shirts of bands they know nothing about
Is that what it takes to be cool?
Fuck that, fuck you, fuck those rules

Start your own bands if you got something to say
Scream it at the sun, do it your way
Who cares what but say, or what people think
Do it for you and say what you mean

Hardcore for hardcore, that's what I'm saying
This keeps us alive, that's why we play it
For better or worse, thats where I'm staying
Hardcore for hardcore, that's all I'm saying
Track Name: Ghettokids
No food in my belly
No change in my pocket

No one at all
To catch me if I fall
No one to care
If I'm even there

No food in my belly
No change in my pocket

From bus town to glass city
We're too broke to fucking eat

I can't forget the struggle
Can't forget the streets, they raised me
They made me fucking me
Track Name: I'm Not You
won't get a fucking clue
Ignore the things I ask
You're acting 22
And you
Selfish, ignorant
You only think about your fucking self
But I'm not you

Quit acting like you're better than me
I just want mutual respect, can't you see
All this talk
Talking condescendingly
Why can't you see

That I'm not you
and you can't be me
As stubborn as can be
Both of us just stuck in our fucking ways
That's, that's the way it is
And it'll never give
A bend in our bond that doesn't seem to break

Born This Way. Die This Way.
Track Name: Mother's Love
Failed abortion
With no purpose
Born into shit

Lost alone
With no home
Where were you

Where were you when I needed help
A mother’s love wouldn't mend my heart

You left me to die
and now you want back into my life.
You left me to die
And now you want back into my life.
Track Name: Arms Length
Wish it could be different
Wish we were
Still the same
It's clear that we are different
And that won't ever fucking change

You were once my friend
Someone I, i held dear
You were once my friend
How did we end up here

You changed and it wasn't for the better
All you give a fuck about is your status
You drew the lines and now its clear
You're not a fucking hero here

I'll look deep into your fucking eyes
Afraid to see what I find
You changed so much over time
You're erased from my mind mother fucker