Things Fall Apart

by Things Fall Apart

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Originally Released on CD/Tape/Digital Download on March 1st, 2015.

Vinyl release by Have Fun Records, Bad Break Records, Lonely Boys Records & Delayed Gratification Records on _______


released April 29, 2016

Paul Hundeby - Mix/Master
Dustin Morris - Guitar/Vocals
Terrell Talley - Guitar/Vocals
Josh Miller - Guitar/Vocals
Justin House - Bass/Vocals
Chris Windle - Drums/Vocals



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Delayed Gratification Records Pataskala, Ohio

Record label based out of Pataskala, Ohio focusing on short runs through various mediums.

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Track Name: "Together"
Sometimes I wonder just how much could change in only two years
and how the hell it got to be this way.

Do you ever think about the times we shared?

Looking back on all of those nights I took for granted
and all of the memories we could have shared
makes me realize that I only have myself to blame
and I'm sorry that I ever made you feel this way.

I just wish I could make you happy one last time
and I cant believe that I ever made you feel this way before.

Some words can never be unspoken.
Some wounds were never meant to heal.
All that is left of us is a broken family and a heart that will not heal.

I can no longer remember how it feels to hold you in my arms
the way it felt when I would tuck you in at night
and I would know that everything was okay
as long as your were here with me.
Track Name: 3239 Smiley Rd.
When I drive by I see some things that couldn't be further away.
A place where every emotion I've ever felt was created.
A vision of a happiness I once had.
The hallways echo with the laughter of my siblings and myself. Permanent footprints of love and compassion experienced over all of those precious years.

Memories of home are now only fragments,
born underwater, very little have i heard from my father.
I didn't know that this would affect me later in life, but i wish i could've fixed it.
All i wanted, was to make you happy.
And to this day i will never know why you left him
I try harder, everyday to be closer, but there's still a missing piece
A piece of the puzzle that should connect everything, but that piece is gone. That piece is forever gone.
And now i wander through life, wondering what is right and what is wrong, without guidance. Its truly hard
Now barely a word is spoken, i long for the memories that i hoped to share with you. But those memories have faded into nothing, those memories have faded into nothing.

The spirit of my youth continues to walk the halls.
A constant reminder that things weren't always as shitty as they are now.
Track Name: Grey Hair
It's so hard these days to be yourself.
Originality collects like dust on a shelf.
I think that I've become part of this crime.
Like the less fortunate I've become blind.
No one knows me for me, I've buried the truth
and my father always said be true to yourself.
But my father's ashamed every day
So much that his hairs gone grey.
So lustful not for beauty but for acceptance.
So much that human emotion is absent.
My friends now call me an acquaintance
so I'll reflect on myself with words.
Words you'll hear in this song.
I can only put on a front and act calm
but we all know that it won't last long.
Like father like son they say,
but my father is ashamed of me everyday.
Someone ignite the match and set me to flames
so that I'll be the one to blame.
Because I am way off track,
this is not where I want to be
and so I'll continue to sing.
Forget me, just leave me
I'll continue to live in this dream.
Times have changed and so have I.
Why can't I feel alive?
My life is a lie
and so is yours.
We are a dying world.
Track Name: Things Fall Apart
The man that I'm supposed to be will never be what you see in me. I'm tired of feeling like a disappointment. I've tried time and time again to make you proud of me. But what else can I do? I'm sorry that I can't live up to your expectations.

I am so tired of complaining of complaining about the same old shit. Why can't I find the answer? Why can't I just forget? That's why I don't get close to anyone. I've tried my best to change it, but it's easier this way.
Track Name: Frameworks
Take me back to the summer days when I still felt like I was alive
sometimes it feels like things will never be the same again

I am a disappointment in every aspect of my life
and I can't keep trying to keep up with this world
I don't think I am strong enough for that

Take me back to where I was
before I was ever born.
Track Name: P.S.
Are you proud of me?
The son you raised?
A father you should be, leaving me for days
A father who was there but so far away
The use of a substance that took you from me

I just needed you here
but you couldn't stay,
constantly choosing it over me.
Was I not the high that you need?
the home you left so empty and the sons that needed you dearly
are just empty memories that will soon fade

Our lives you affected in so many ways.
I'm sorry that I wasn't good enough for you to change.
I tried getting through to you constantly counting down the days
until I could be a part of you again.

My father who I looked up to.
I needed you.
But the substance had you to far gone.
You were too far gone.
Please come back to me.
I need you to stay.
I hope it makes sense one day.
Track Name: Disremember
Look at what you've done. Two years have passed and I've grown numb. Hollowed out, unable to love. I've been searching for something long gone.
And it was something that only you could give. It's time to accept that. You were everything I needed and everything I'll never have. And so I'll live this hollow life without you. It's better off this way, I can't go back and change myself, and it's time to face the truth. Can you move on from shattered memories of bliss, or is it better to just forget?
Track Name: July Day
I didn't know that July Day
would be the last time that I could call you mine.
There's no use pretending that I couldn't see the end was coming.
I watched the passion drain from your eyes
through all that time.

You were always too good for me
and I guess I never saw that.
I guess I couldn't piece it together.
And after all of the time we spent together
I feel like it was all for nothing.

How could I see that this was all on me?
You kept me guessing at your feelings and it tore me apart.
And now you're gone and what do I have to show?
You made me feel completely alone.

I didn't know that July Day
would be the last time that I could call you mine.
There's no use in pretending that I couldn't see the end was coming.
I watched the passion drain from your eyes
through all that time.

Today I drove by you on the corner of King and Olentangy and I didn't feel a goddamn thing,
and it tore me apart.
How can a relationship of two years amount to an encounter that isn't even worth the slightest acknowledgement?
If it wasn't meant to be why does it hurt so much?